Bunsen Burners

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Carlisle Bunsen Burners are manufactured from brass. The base is manufactured out of steel. The Bunsen Burner Series is offered with several different types of burners. All Carlisle Bunsen Burners come with an integral hose adapter that fits from 1/4” to 3/8” ID hosing. The Carlisle Bunsen Burner Series is able to use natural gas or propane. When ordering it must be specified which gas is to be used.

The No. 111 Bunsen Burner is constructed with an air shutter at the bottom of the main mixing tube. The air shutter can be opened or closed to control the amount of inspirated air necessary for your application. The stabilizing ring located at the top of the tube, acts as a pilot to prevent flashbacks and blow-offs of the master flame. 4” height without flame.

Similar in design to the No. 111, the No. 115 offers a larger collar to allow a greater intake of air. This model also has a stabilizing ring and an air shutter for controlling the amount of inspirated air. 4” height without flame.

The revised No. 116 Bunsen Burner (Micro at 2.75”) now has an air shutter located at the bottom of the mixing tube similar to that of the No. 111 or No. 115. Enhanced by it’s stabilizing tip the No. 116 is capable of producing a very small soft flame. It’s shorter profile is especially beneficial in applications where space is limited.

The No. 117 Bunsen Burner is similar to the No. 111 Bunsen. The difference is that the No. 117 is taller at 5.5”and has a wider base.

The No. 118 Bunsen Burner is similar to the No. 115 Bunsen. The difference is that the No. 118 is taller AT 5.5” and has a wider base.

The No. 122 is a multiple barrel Bunsen Burner. It has four Bunsen Burner heads which are pointed slightly inward towards a common center focus point. This Bunsen Burner is extremely hot and has found it’s way into all sorts of warming applications. (Photo at Left shows burner at 4” height)