About Us

Southern New Jersey has a rich heritage of glass making. The Dougherty family has been involved in the glass industry for four generations and is now a manufacturer of lampworking torches, and supplies the glass industry with machined parts.
   Under the direction of Mary Dougherty and Frank Dougherty III, The Carlisle School of Glass Art was created giving artists of all ages the opportunity to learn and hone their skills under the instruction of many well-known and talented lampworking artists.
The 2400 square foot facility was completely designed and built on site with a state of the art ventilation system. Each student is outfitted with an all stainless steel workstation, individual overhead lighting and choice of Carlisle torch along with all the necessary tools to give the student an excellent environment to learn flameworking arts. 
Classes range from 2-hour torch orientations for beginners to week long workshops in all levels of flameworking.
Some of our current, previous, and future instructors:
Loren Stump
Deb Crowley
Doug Remschneider
Shannon Hill
Lori Copeland
Wil Menzies
Josh Mazet
Barry Lafler
Larry Brickman
Brad Pearson
Roger Parramore
Heather Trimlet
Lucio Bubocco
Corina Tettinger
Kristina Logan
Marcy Lamberson
Eli Mazet
Gordon Smith
Dave Graeber
Doni Hatz
Sally Prasch
Gordon Smith
Haley Tsang Sather
Lisa St. Martin​
​Mike Shelbo
Hugh Salkind
Filip Vogelpohl
​Jodie McDougall
Mike Shelbo
Holly Cooper
Filip Vogelpohl
Jodie McDougall
Corina Tettinger
Marcy Lamberson
Ken Leap
​Bob Snodgrass
Hugh Salkind
Loren Stump
Rocko Belloso