Josh Mazet: Caught in a Vortex | Lets get this Marble Rolling • Oct 5-6, 2024 • 9am-5pm $625

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Josh Mazet received his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1999. After graduating he was invited into the Fine Arts Department as a resident artist. For three years he maintained a studio, instructed the University of Oregon’s wood fired ceramics class, which included students and community members, and led 15 fires in the University’s Anagama Kiln. It was during this time Josh was introduced to lampworking borosilicate. His work in ceramics gave him an understanding and comfort with flame, atmospheres, kilns, and the chemistry of glass. This compounded with the similarities of the medium, allowed for a smooth and rapid learning of a new medium.

October 5-6, 2024 • 9:30am-5pm all days

Lunch available for an additional $15/day